What Is Hypno Psychotherapy


Psychology is the study of individual behaviour. It seeks to look at the motivational drives within an individual and offer an explanation to the behaviour that is demonstrated. Psychotherapy is the use and program of psychological expertise to help many people understand themselves and begin to make appropriate changes, or to be comfortable with who they are.

Psychotherapy has several different theoretical models that have developed over time, the most commonly known being psycho-analysis. The Psychotherapy that I practise uses among the best concepts from these differing universities of thought so as to help many people achieve not only a rapid level of improvement but as well a long lasting one. And understand how it has produced, and of course how to change negative thought techniques into positive ones.

Hypnosis Psychotherapy

Hypnosis is a very effective method of treatment. It is a express of changed consciousness with increased and heightened awareness, which is often combined with deep relaxation; this in itself can be effective. Contrary to popular belief it does not involve turning into unconscious and provides nothing to do with sleep.

Hypnosis cannot be forced  Psychotherapy  upon people,

You should understand that, during hypnosis, people cannot be forced to do things that they would choose not to carry out. Hypnosis or “trance” as it is often referred to is related to the experience of time dreaming, when you shed a sense of time and may without thought continue a task that routinely requires concentration, such as driving from one place to another but not truly remembering the journey. This is an example of an changed state of consciousness that we experience every day of our lives.

What is Hypno-psychotherapy?

The United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy,

For therapists to be able to register with United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy requires an extensive programme of 4 years schooling.

but they do not during themselves enable the practitioner to be able to address all forms of presenting problems.

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